It’s A Twin Thing


Why do twins choose to dress alike?

Thats simple, we love confusing the hell out of people!

Whenever there’s a costume party or an event that allows you to dress up, my twin sister and I find it fun to dress in outfits looking like twins, even when we already are twins.

When we were younger, our parents dressed us. Most times we had the same outfit, they were just different colors. I feel that most times they did it as a way to remember who was Billie and who was Becca.

When we were teenagers we were going through a phase of trying to be an individual, and straying away from looking alike. What I noticed is that sometimes we had planned out outfits the night before and we still ended up wearing similar outfits the next day without even knowing.

One time, a couple summer’s ago, my twin sister and I were headed to the beach with our best friends at the time, who were also twins. My twin sister Billie and I were heading to the beach separately, and I needed to go to the store to pick up a new bathing suite with my best friend Bre, and we were going to meet our sisters at the beach.

Ironic as it may seem, I picked out the exact same colors, bottom and top that my twin sister Billie had already previously planned. We got to the beach wearing the exact same thing!

In addition, sometimes twins plan to wear the same clothes because its fun, while other times its just sorta happens; it’s a twin thing!

I love you Kahealani


Stuck Like Glue


When my twin sister and I were younger we could never fall asleep without holding each other’s hands.

My mother mentioned one time when we were around two years old my twin sister Billie couldn’t stop crying because of a cold she was fighting. At the time, my older sister was at my father’s house, while my mother took my twin sister and I for the weekend.

My mother mentioned that she tried feeding my sister to make her feel better and cooling her down, but nothing seemed to work. Shortly after, I decided to leave my bed and cuddle up by her and hold her hand; within seconds my twin sister Billie stopped crying and fell right to sleep.

Research shows that there are several benefits to twins who sleep next to each other. “Multiples who are co-bedded seem to sleep better, gain weight better, have fewer episodes of apnea and bradycardia, and keep each other warm.” (Bird, 2012)

From personal experience, I find this research to be very true. Even until this day, I sleep better when I’m in the same room as my twin sister.

Throughout our childhood, my twin sister and I always shared rooms. Most times we had our separate beds, however, it wasn’t unusual to find both of us asleep in one bed the next morning.

Throughout high school we were able to get our separate rooms, but we often decided to have mini sleepovers. It just didn’t feel right or comfortable sleeping in a different room.

Sometimes after high school friends and classmates separate and go on their own journey, however, my twin sister and I decided to go to the same University in Belmont, California where we roomed together.

We are currently seniors attending our final semester of college here in California. Although we may not need to hold each other’s hands like we use to, we still share a room at 21 years old. I guess you can say that were just stuck like glue.

I love you Kahealani

It’s a Forever kind of Love


Have you ever seen boyfriends or girlfriends with their significant others name tattooed on their body? How do you feel about it? I often say to myself, “Wow, that’s ridiculous!” The reason I sometimes feel that way is because once a name is tattooed onto a body it is permanent! Boyfriends, girlfriends, even husbands and wives separate, but the bond of twins and sisterhood is permanent whether it’s tattooed or not.

I sometimes see mothers or fathers getting their children’s names tattooed on them, and to me, that is also a very strong loving bond between parent and child, similar to the bond my twin sister and I share. The behavior of getting a name permanently tattooed on your body is caused by the committed relationship and love that is forever shared.

When we turned 19, we both wanted to get a tattoo, but not knowing exactly what we wanted. In the Hawaiian culture, tattoos aren’t about just throwing on a couple stars or hearts here and there; it’s about meaning, and definition. We both thought very hard about it for a while before we even considered getting tattoos. We both asked ourselves, what is the most important part of my life? What makes me whole? Ironically as it may seem, we both agreed that the most important part of our individual lives were, well, …. each other.

We decided to draw out specific polynesian symbols that describe our relationship.

The waves symbolized our endless tide of love that flows between each other.

The bamboo and koa wood illustrates the firm and strong bond we share.

The Tiare flower in the middle of the tattoo is our older sister Ku’uwehi. She doesn’t know that, but she is the one who holds our family together. She is the glue to our sisterly bond. And although she may not be a twin, our connection and love for her is very strong.

Lastly, we both decided to tattoo each others Hawaiian names on one another. I got the name Kahea which is my twin sisters name, and she got my name, Kapua.

Until this day, yes we fight and argue and dislike each other for a couple hours, but not for one second would I regret having gotten her name on my body; cause this is a FOREVER KIND OF LOVE.

I love you Kahealani


It’s YOUR special day…. just kidding, it’s OURS


Everyone always looks forward to that one special day of the year that they have the chance to call their own; their birthday. Funny thing being a twin, I don’t know how that feels.

Imagine waking up on your birthday and seeing another name on the birthday cake besides yours. Imagine closing your eyes and making your wish, then sharing the part you blow out the candles. Imagine others singing happy birthday to you and to someone else. Imagine two birthday princesses at your party, two tiara’s, two everything; it didn’t always feel so special.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing my birthday with my twin sister has been such a blessing times two. Sometimes I noticed that we both got even more attention on us because being twins was so unique. However, what Ive learned for the 21 birthdays that I’ve shared is that our individual selves never get the full appreciation that I feel it deserves.

For example, every single birthday as far as I can remember someone would always say “happy birthday twins,” even if my sister wasn’t with me. Of course I acknowledge it, however, it does feel nice to hear, “happy birthday Becca,” just once, just my name.

Another example had a lot to do with birthday presents. I can recall several birthdays where my sister would open her gift first and love it, and then I open up mine, and its the same exact thing. In my opinion, I didn’t hate the fact that we got the same exact thing, it’s just that we are two very different people, with different personalities, interests, dislikes etc. Most times if a friend of mine knew I loved the color blue, they would get the same color of something for my twin Billie, not knowing her favorite color is pink. Or one year my twin sister really wanted a nail-polish-kit, I got one too…… I was a tom-boy, my nails were in the mud.

These are just some of the things I think about when I look back at my birthdays. Our individuality was not always acknowledged. You know, being six years old and competing over who blows the most candles out or who got the most birthday cards from friends wasn’t always fun.

What I am trying to say is that, trying to be an individual is tough when your use to sharing every possible spotlight you have. Honestly, sometimes I do get jealous of those who have that spotlight all to themselves. But my birthday is a day to shine, and all though I may not shine alone, the shine may be a lot brighter when I share it my twin sister.

I love you Billie Kahealani

Who’s the fatter twin?

 Photo on 4-21-12 at 9.21 PM #2

 Who’s smarter? Who’s the sweeter twin? Who’s better at soccer? Who weighs more? These are just a few of the questions that are frequently asked by new friends, strangers, even familiar people. To be honest, this has come to be one the most annoying things in my life. People always tend to compare the both of us using our individual strengths and weaknesses.

People don’t really think that these are awkward yet emotional questions. How about if I asked you in front of your best friend, so who’s prettier? Awkward to answer right?!?! People don’t realize that they’re asking two people to judge their personal thoughts on both themselves and someone very important to them.

When we were younger, my twin sister Billie and I noticed that people are going to ask us questions like this until the day we die. So, we decided to agree on one simple answer; “WE’RE THE SAME.”

I remember one time in high school when we had to have our yearly physicals for soccer, the doctor conducting the physical was trying to make us feel comfortable, however, that was not at all how I felt after I left that day. I guess the doctor was trying to make a conversation and make us feel comfortable, but when my sister and I walked over for our physicals, I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life!

He started our physical by humorously asking, “So who’s the chunkier twin?” as he smiled. At the time, we were teenagers; we were going through that stage of low self-esteem issues, and having a doctor ask us a question like that was just so humiliating. Being the nice person I am, I smiled and said, “I am, can’t you see, my sister has a beautiful figure.” Although it hurt me to say it, it got us out of the awkward situation.

Most times it’s easier to just say “WE’RE THE SAME,” however, sometimes the questions people asks are just so personal. But, what I’ve learned since that incident is that people are going to forever compare my twin sister Billie and I for both our strengths and weaknesses. People will say, “ooh, well she’s the more studious one,” or “she’s the skinnier one.” The best thing about the relationship I share with my sister is that when people ask us these ridiculous questions we make jokes about it and help each other get over other’s stupidity.

So before asking twins a question like this, ask yourself, are you fatter than your best friend? And you’ll see how we feel.

I love you Billie Kahealani

You Always Have A Best Friend

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Growing up as a twin, yes, I had my own friends, classmates, teammates even role models. However, when all else failed, I always had my true best friend, my twin sister. Whenever I met a new friend they would always call me their best friend, and yes I replied saying the same, but in my heart, my twin sister was always first.

Throughout life, making friends and meeting new people was always easy for me, because, I knew that if my friendship with others didn’t work out, well, I always had my twin sister.

Keeping friendships with other’s were also difficult at times because instead of having my full attention or priority on my friend, if my twin sister needed something, I would drop everything just for her needs.

If you ask a non-twin, “at what age did you meet your best friend?” often people answer: in college, besties since high school, or during little league, some even say when our mothers were pregnant.

The difference between those friendships and the friendship I share with my twin sister is that our relationship began forming in the womb; it was an emotional connection rather than a physical one like most friendships.

No one person, unless they’re twins themselves, can ever understand a true relationship and friendship twin’s share. It is one of the closest human relationships ever imaginable.

I love you Billie Kahealani