You Always Have A Best Friend

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Growing up as a twin, yes, I had my own friends, classmates, teammates even role models. However, when all else failed, I always had my true best friend, my twin sister. Whenever I met a new friend they would always call me their best friend, and yes I replied saying the same, but in my heart, my twin sister was always first.

Throughout life, making friends and meeting new people was always easy for me, because, I knew that if my friendship with others didn’t work out, well, I always had my twin sister.

Keeping friendships with other’s were also difficult at times because instead of having my full attention or priority on my friend, if my twin sister needed something, I would drop everything just for her needs.

If you ask a non-twin, “at what age did you meet your best friend?” often people answer: in college, besties since high school, or during little league, some even say when our mothers were pregnant.

The difference between those friendships and the friendship I share with my twin sister is that our relationship began forming in the womb; it was an emotional connection rather than a physical one like most friendships.

No one person, unless they’re twins themselves, can ever understand a true relationship and friendship twin’s share. It is one of the closest human relationships ever imaginable.

I love you Billie Kahealani

2 thoughts on “You Always Have A Best Friend

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I also have a twin brother and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. We form a bond that is beyond our human relationships, and it is so hard to explain. But I guess we were blessed 🙂

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