Who’s the fatter twin?

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 Who’s smarter? Who’s the sweeter twin? Who’s better at soccer? Who weighs more? These are just a few of the questions that are frequently asked by new friends, strangers, even familiar people. To be honest, this has come to be one the most annoying things in my life. People always tend to compare the both of us using our individual strengths and weaknesses.

People don’t really think that these are awkward yet emotional questions. How about if I asked you in front of your best friend, so who’s prettier? Awkward to answer right?!?! People don’t realize that they’re asking two people to judge their personal thoughts on both themselves and someone very important to them.

When we were younger, my twin sister Billie and I noticed that people are going to ask us questions like this until the day we die. So, we decided to agree on one simple answer; “WE’RE THE SAME.”

I remember one time in high school when we had to have our yearly physicals for soccer, the doctor conducting the physical was trying to make us feel comfortable, however, that was not at all how I felt after I left that day. I guess the doctor was trying to make a conversation and make us feel comfortable, but when my sister and I walked over for our physicals, I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life!

He started our physical by humorously asking, “So who’s the chunkier twin?” as he smiled. At the time, we were teenagers; we were going through that stage of low self-esteem issues, and having a doctor ask us a question like that was just so humiliating. Being the nice person I am, I smiled and said, “I am, can’t you see, my sister has a beautiful figure.” Although it hurt me to say it, it got us out of the awkward situation.

Most times it’s easier to just say “WE’RE THE SAME,” however, sometimes the questions people asks are just so personal. But, what I’ve learned since that incident is that people are going to forever compare my twin sister Billie and I for both our strengths and weaknesses. People will say, “ooh, well she’s the more studious one,” or “she’s the skinnier one.” The best thing about the relationship I share with my sister is that when people ask us these ridiculous questions we make jokes about it and help each other get over other’s stupidity.

So before asking twins a question like this, ask yourself, are you fatter than your best friend? And you’ll see how we feel.

I love you Billie Kahealani

3 thoughts on “Who’s the fatter twin?

  1. i am twin too and i get that sought of questions almost all the time. but my brother and i have decided to just say the way you say it WE ARE THE SAME yah its true we are the same and that is a fact we can’t change at all. i love this blog

  2. I also agree with David, were always going to be compared as twins, I think it gets easier once we are able to ignore the negative comparisons and just focus on ourselves and trying to be an individual.

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