Twins First Experiences Captured In A Kodak Moment


Aside from all the natural firsts in life such as your first day of school, your first day at soccer, your first day of high school, or your first day as a teenager, twins go through mostly everything together.

Sometimes when looking back at old photo’s people tend to notice similar friends, classmates, teammates, but what I’ve noticed is that most of my first time doing something or being somewhere my twin sister is right beside me.

Some examples include possibly first day of College together, maybe the first time having an alcoholic beverage, even a first time in a foreign country. There are lots of different special moments that we don’t notice the significance of the people who are there.

For example, I’ve attached three different photo’s to this post.

The first post is a post of our Freshman year of College at our very first San Francisco Giants Baseball game.

The second picture attached is a picture of my twin sister and our boyfriends at our very first San Francisco 49er Football game this part year.

The Third picture is a photo of twin sister and I in front of a slot machine in Vegas after we both gambled for the first time.

In addition, what I noticed is that pictures captures very special moments, especially those “firsts”, and what I didn’t notice is that most of my firsts has my twin sister in the picture as well.

If you have time, browse through some old pictures and see if your very first experiences were captured doing something fun with the people you love most.

I love you Kahealani



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