Good Twin vs. Bad Twin


Ever seen twins an wondered which one was the good twin or which was the bad?

Well, through my own personal experiences, I feel that twins have both some characteristics of a good twin and some of the bad twin.

For example, my twin sister is a 4.0 average student and I am a 3.6 average. She’s involved in a lot of student leadership positions at our University, and me, not so many.

Automatically, sometimes faculty and staff members assume that I am the bad twin just because I am not as dedicated as my sister is. Don’t get me wrong, my twin sister is an awesome student leader and takes all of her jobs very serious because thats just the person she is.

Me on the other hand, well, to be honest, I don’t like too many responsibilities, especially when it comes to school. On the other hand, I love working and speeding my time at my internship. I guess I’m a different learner; I don’t enjoy the traditional way of learning in classrooms from an extensive amount of time. I rather learn through hands-on work and life-learning experiences.

But that doesn’t make me the bad twin, I just choose to do things differently.

Another example would be my personality as a person. I was always the type of daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, and teammate that put others before myself.

I’ve always been so down to earth and completely selfless when it came to myself or others.

My twin sister on the other hand agree with me, that she is somewhat selfish when it comes to her dreams and her goals. She mentioned that she knows that she is selfish and that’s just who she is.

You see,….. there’s no such thing as the good twin and the bad twin, the truth is, twins have traits both good and bad, just like everyone else.


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