About Me

Photo on 4-25-12 at 3.00 PM

Aloha everyone,

My name’s Becca Kapualei’ula Hiraishi. I was born and raised in Hawai’i and I am currently attending my senior year of College at Notre Dame de Namur University located in Belmont, California.

Unlike most people, my life consists of sharing the spotlight. I share the same birth date with my mirror image…..my twin sister, my best friend. Billie Kahealani Hiraishi was born just seconds before myself, and since then has been my inspiration, my motivation …… my life!

I truly believe that twins have one of the closest human relationships ever imaginable. The bond of two very similar faces with two completely different personalities is what makes my life so crazy!

The past 21 years of my life as a twin has been one hell of a ride. From friendships, to arguments, to laughter, to heartache, to struggles and differences. People don’t realize that being a twin is a full time job. I honestly believe that I am 110% committed to another human being, a relationship that is so bound in love that it’s almost impossible to love anything else.

With that, I want to share all possible experiences of being a twin sister and the responsibilities it takes to maintain such a beautiful relationship.



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