Twin Telepathy



People always ask if we as twins are able to sense if somethings wrong with our twin or if something happens to one twin, could the other twin feel it? Others would call this twin telepathy.

While no scientific evidence supports the existence of twin telepathy, many personal anecdotes claim to demonstrate the phenomenon. Dr. Nancy L. Segal, a preeminent twin researcher explains, “There simply isn’t any empirical proof that twins have ESP or that twin telepathy exists. It can’t be substantiated in a scientific environment.” (TwinTelepathy) 

From recent research, twin telepathy has yet to be scientifically proven. However, in my opinion, I feel that those who are twins  and have experienced telepathy abilities believe otherwise.

For example, when my twin sister and I were at one of our summer programs during middle school, we would always have afternoon play which included a variety of different activities.

I can recall this one specific time that we felt like there was some kind of twin telepathy involved.

My twin sister Billie was in her summer group down in the Boys & Girls Club gym, while I was doing arts & craft with my group in one of the upper classrooms.

While Billie was playing volleyball, she was hit with the volleyball directly towards her face, damaging her nose area. Immediately when this happened, my nose began to bleed and drip on the art work that I was painting in my room about 10 minutes away from the gymnasium.

It was very weird, and I’ve never had problems with nose bleeds before, so this was a very unexpected situation. In addition, I knew in my gut that something was wrong with my twin sister Billie.

As I went down to the gym, I saw my twin sister sitting their on the side with an ice pack on her nose and I had a bunch of paper napkins stuffed in my nostrils to keep the blood from dripping.

We both thought that it was just a coincidence, however, Billie didn’t sense anything wrong with me, as I did for her.

In conclusion, I feel that twin telepathy is definitely possible even though it has not been scientifically proven. In addition, there are several other things in this world that has not yet been scientifically proven.

I love you Kahealani


Good Twin vs. Bad Twin


Ever seen twins an wondered which one was the good twin or which was the bad?

Well, through my own personal experiences, I feel that twins have both some characteristics of a good twin and some of the bad twin.

For example, my twin sister is a 4.0 average student and I am a 3.6 average. She’s involved in a lot of student leadership positions at our University, and me, not so many.

Automatically, sometimes faculty and staff members assume that I am the bad twin just because I am not as dedicated as my sister is. Don’t get me wrong, my twin sister is an awesome student leader and takes all of her jobs very serious because thats just the person she is.

Me on the other hand, well, to be honest, I don’t like too many responsibilities, especially when it comes to school. On the other hand, I love working and speeding my time at my internship. I guess I’m a different learner; I don’t enjoy the traditional way of learning in classrooms from an extensive amount of time. I rather learn through hands-on work and life-learning experiences.

But that doesn’t make me the bad twin, I just choose to do things differently.

Another example would be my personality as a person. I was always the type of daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, and teammate that put others before myself.

I’ve always been so down to earth and completely selfless when it came to myself or others.

My twin sister on the other hand agree with me, that she is somewhat selfish when it comes to her dreams and her goals. She mentioned that she knows that she is selfish and that’s just who she is.

You see,….. there’s no such thing as the good twin and the bad twin, the truth is, twins have traits both good and bad, just like everyone else.

Double-Takes for normal people, Triple+-Takes for Twins!

love of my life

Have you ever gotten the double-take from a bouncer outside of a 21 and older club? or at the movie ticket counter if you were going to be watching a rated R movie?

Well, I’m sure you did, but…… have you ever gotten a triple-take?

A triple-take to me means that the person who is observing you doesn’t only look back at your ID once, or twice, but three times; and in some cases that I’ve experienced, even more.

When my twin sister Billie and I go to Rated R movies, most times they don’t ID us anymore being that we don’t look any younger than 18, however, I have gotten the triple-take a bunch of times, but not because I don’t look of age, but because someone that ordered their ticket before me looked exactly how I look (billie).

Sometimes I find it hilarious that people really trip out when they see twins together.

For example, their was this one time my twin sister and I went shopping in a retail clothes store, where we were going to use our debit cards to purchase our clothes.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind when you are a twin, and they are with you shopping is that if you both are going to buy something either go together or try to be the first one in line.

The reason I say that is because if your first, then only the second twin will get the triple-take; but if you pay together, you’ll both only get the double-take.

I love you Kahealani

Twins First Experiences Captured In A Kodak Moment


Aside from all the natural firsts in life such as your first day of school, your first day at soccer, your first day of high school, or your first day as a teenager, twins go through mostly everything together.

Sometimes when looking back at old photo’s people tend to notice similar friends, classmates, teammates, but what I’ve noticed is that most of my first time doing something or being somewhere my twin sister is right beside me.

Some examples include possibly first day of College together, maybe the first time having an alcoholic beverage, even a first time in a foreign country. There are lots of different special moments that we don’t notice the significance of the people who are there.

For example, I’ve attached three different photo’s to this post.

The first post is a post of our Freshman year of College at our very first San Francisco Giants Baseball game.

The second picture attached is a picture of my twin sister and our boyfriends at our very first San Francisco 49er Football game this part year.

The Third picture is a photo of twin sister and I in front of a slot machine in Vegas after we both gambled for the first time.

In addition, what I noticed is that pictures captures very special moments, especially those “firsts”, and what I didn’t notice is that most of my firsts has my twin sister in the picture as well.

If you have time, browse through some old pictures and see if your very first experiences were captured doing something fun with the people you love most.

I love you Kahealani


Homemade vs. Take Out



When it comes to food, my twin sister and I are similar in the interest of the topic but not at all similar about how we want to eat it.

For example, I would rather prepare a delicious home-cooked meal at a decent price for the both of us. My twin sister Billie would rather take me out to dinner somewhere affordable and delicious.

Just the other day, my twin sister and I was contemplating going to Sushi or cooking something similar to it. I wanted to purchase a large portion of raw salmon from Safeway that would only cost around $20 with a side of fresh asparagus which is around $2. Don’t get me wrong, I love sushi, but the cost alone is sometimes very pricy and I would rather cook a larger portion for the both of us that could last longer.

In addition, we deduced to stay in and I ended up cooking buttered, garlic and sesame salmon, with a side of asparagus, and sliced some sashimi styled salmon as appetizers. My twin sister loved it!

What I am trying to say is that our differences in personality shows when it comes to food. I would rather choose to take my time and prepare something from home, while my sister would rather take me out and pay for service and delicious food.

My twin Billie mentioned “I want something that is fast to eat and something that I can somewhat rush through because I am so busy.” I on the other hand would rather enjoy every bit of my meal 🙂

I love you Kahealani

Educational Differences in Twins


My twin sister has always loved learning and enjoyed getting up in the morning to go to school. Me, on the other hand never quite loved waken up in the morning to go to school. I would rather enjoy learning things in nature and outdoors. I was never the book-type, more of the hand-on adventurous type.

Throughout our educational paths whether it was preschool, grade school, high school and even now in college, my twin sister Billie always wanted to be the leader of the class; she always wanted to be the one that got everything done in an accurate and effective time. Billie was and still is a determined person when it comes to education, and she has this hunger for success in her educational life.

As for me, I am excited when it comes to learning new things, however, I rather these things be hands-on learning rather than read twenty pages just to figure something out. Although I have never felt the same drive as my twin sister did when it came to education, I didn’t work poorly, I just feel that I didn’t work to my full potential because I sometimes disagree with the teaching and learning systems.

In addition, twins can be similar yes, but their interests and choices are sometimes different. We have two completely different human brains; we think, act and behave differently. Even though our personalities and even some important interests are sometimes similar, we find ourselves working towards different paths of success.

I love you Kahealani

Twin Language? Not Really


Have you ever thought that twins sometimes have their own secretive language?

When my twin sister and I was very young, my mother mentioned that we would always talk to each other in our own baby language. In addition, I notice that babies sometimes communicate in their own language, but what my mother said was different with twins is that they tend to posses a very strong interactive and verbal behavior.

For example, when my twin sister and I would make conversation as babies, my mother said that we tend to look very interactive. We would take turns talking to each other, asking questions, answering them, making jokes and laughing about it.

Unlike most baby language’s, the difference with my twin sister and I was that our little baby talk was in the Hawaiian language.

The Hawaiian language has always been an important part of our lives. My twin sisters first word was actually a Hawaiian word that she said to me. In a way, I feel that it was very interesting that my twin sister and I had our own language.

While we were growing up, sometimes, in uncomfortable environments and in front of strangers, my twin sister and I would choose to use the Hawaiian language. It was very humorous to me while I watched other people who was not at all familiar with the Hawaiian language look very confused.

One time in high school while picking up some gatorade from a local grocery store, my twin sister began speaking in Hawaiian and a woman came up to us and asked us what type of twin language are we speaking? We both looked at each other and felt so awkward.

This is just a lesson to some people who feel that twins always have their own language. Sometimes they are honestly just trying to blend in with everyone else.

I love you Kahealani

A Lesson From Dad


Have you ever gotten into a huge argument with one of your best friends and then five minutes later you automatically begin to get sad because you don’t want to fight with them?

Well, that’s the bond my twin sister and I share.

I can recall this one experience around the fourth grade that my twin sister and I will never forget. One day, after school, my sister and I were arguing all day and throwing things at each other.

Finally, my father stepped in and pulled us both near each other. He shaped our hands into fists and moved us closer into each others face and said, “you two want to fight, well go ahead!” At the moment, my dad looked very serious and it was probably one of the most awkward feelings I have ever felt.

As soon as we were in each others faces’, my twin and I began shedding all these tears. It was different when we were encouraged to physically hurt each other. It just felt very wrong, and not like us.

We began to feel stupid and embarrassed to even consider physically hurting one another. After that we both hugged each other and apologized.

This was a very good learning experience for my twin sister and I. When we think of that moment today, It always makes us giggle. At the time, I didn’t understand why my dad was encouraging us to fight each other, however, since then, I can honestly say that my twin sister and I have NEVER physically hurt each other.

In addition, my twin sister and I have a very difficult time holding grudges and extended arguments against each other. Through this experience in the fourth grade, my father really taught us both the value in arguments and the importance of forgiving each other.

I love you Kahealani

Advice For Twin Parents


This blog topic was requested by another blogger who is interested to know what my parents did right while raising my twin sister and I.

Although my parents divorced while my twin sister and I was about six months old, one very significant thing my parents did a good job at, was setting their differences aside, and never putting us in the middle of their relationship and or arguments.

My parents worked very hard to get a long and provide only a positive relationship in front of my twin sister and I to show that we were not an issue or problem that led up to their divorce.

Aside from the divorce, my parents did an excellent job while raising us both in our individual personalities. Although my twin sister and I are very similar, our interests and hobbies differ. In addition, what our parents needed to do was understand that we are two separate people and treat us differently depending on our interests.

If I wanted to play basketball, my parents did a really good job at allowing me to do that while asking my twin sister what she was interested in, rather than just throwing her into basketball as well. So recognizing the different interests and characteristics of both my twin sister and I was something my parents did right.

Another thing my parents did right while raising us was making sure that my twin sister and I had a very strong and positive relationship. They wanted to make sure that no matter what my twin sister and I had each others back at all times.

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind as a parent of a twin, as my mother would say, is to never let the twins feel like they are being put in the middle. As any child, you should never let them feel like this, however, for twins, they feel like they are a bigger impact because they’re two of them. And lastly, my mother mentioned that as a parent of twins individuality can make all the difference in raising them.

I will be posting more advice for parents of twins in the near future.

I Love you Kahealani

Two Is Better Than One


425227_333307163380512_100001036941896_1101172_1574447410_n(College Friends)

I always wondered why my twin sister and I would always make friends in groups of two. Sometimes I noticed twins hanging out with their one individual friend, and they shared that one friend with each other.

However, as a twin, I feel that we always have each other as best friends. In addition, twins tend to make friends in a larger group or in my situation in two’s.

While thinking about my friendships growing up, I noticed that majority of the time my twin sister and I always made friends in a group.

But, it was different, because it wash;t like my twin sister picked out a friend and I picked out a friend and made us become a group of friends, we sort of noticed that friends that hung-out in pairs got along better with us.

For example, in high school, my twin sister and I became very close friends with these two twins who was not like us at all. We all possessed different value and characteristics, which was interesting. But, it felt so comfortable being friends with other twins or just a pair of individuals.

I also found it ironic when coming to college, because my twin sister and I became the best of friends with two individual girls who possessed the same ethnic group, the exact same name, and have birthdays a week a part and born in the same year.

In addition, I came to the conclusion that twins tend to create friendships in a group or by two’s because it seems further realistic and comfortable in pairs rather than just individual friendships.

I love you Kahealani

twins 2

(High School Friends “Twins” )