Double the fun, twice the confusion



Ever got mistaken for someone else? Maybe because of your name or even the features of your face? Ever went through roll call in high school and had the same first name as a classmate and answered at the same time?

Now, imagine that awkward two seconds of your day when you are mistaken for someone else, is it funny? Is it interesting? Is it cool?

For most people, when they first encounter this situation it’s very unique, interesting, and sometimes, it’s funny. However, for Twins, it takes a lot of getting use to.

From my personal experiences, I’ve noticed people see us as some kind of game, and it’s fun for them to guess who is who. But for twins, it really does get old! Especially those who we are familiar with.

I remember when my parent’s would confuse us when we were younger; they use to feel terrible for the mix-up, because they understand how important it was to be acknowledged as our individual self.

It gets tiresome at times to remind people who we are, and why we aren’t the other person.

I remember this one particular time that my twin sister Billie’s partner in one of her College courses just walked up to me and began rambling about her group project. It wasn’t until maybe two minutes that she stopped and I was able to say “I’m sorry, but I’m not Billie, I’m her twin sister.”

Sometimes I am able to make a joke out of it and play it off like it’s not a big deal. But having this happen to me at least five times a week can get annoying. Even when my twin sister and I are involved in separate activities and are also in different classes, mix-ups always happen.

What I’ve learned is that being a twin can most certainly be double the fun, but it will always be twice the confusion for others.

I love you Kahealani