Double-Takes for normal people, Triple+-Takes for Twins!

love of my life

Have you ever gotten the double-take from a bouncer outside of a 21 and older club? or at the movie ticket counter if you were going to be watching a rated R movie?

Well, I’m sure you did, but…… have you ever gotten a triple-take?

A triple-take to me means that the person who is observing you doesn’t only look back at your ID once, or twice, but three times; and in some cases that I’ve experienced, even more.

When my twin sister Billie and I go to Rated R movies, most times they don’t ID us anymore being that we don’t look any younger than 18, however, I have gotten the triple-take a bunch of times, but not because I don’t look of age, but because someone that ordered their ticket before me looked exactly how I look (billie).

Sometimes I find it hilarious that people really trip out when they see twins together.

For example, their was this one time my twin sister and I went shopping in a retail clothes store, where we were going to use our debit cards to purchase our clothes.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind when you are a twin, and they are with you shopping is that if you both are going to buy something either go together or try to be the first one in line.

The reason I say that is because if your first, then only the second twin will get the triple-take; but if you pay together, you’ll both only get the double-take.

I love you Kahealani


Sharing The Podium On Graduation



When people usually walk on the podium during a graduation ceremony, every individual has those split seconds of their individual academic achievements. For twins, it’s a quite the experience.

I’ve noticed that when twins are called during graduation it’s always further noticeable because of the last names. When someone hears Billie Hiraishi Magna Cum Laude, Becca Hiraishi Cum Laude, the comparison has already begun.

Graduation is a time to celebrate an individuals academic success. Every individual is judged by their individual performance and intelligence.

In high school, friends and classmates would always enjoy comparing each others report cards and seeing who got the highest grade on an exam, homework, and participation. For twins, it wasn’t that fun.

Being compared like I’ve mentioned a million times before was very a huge challenge. It seems like a further personal level of comparison then a playful level as with friends when comparing academic achievements. Report cards, transcripts, academic recognitions, club involvements etc. are all factors when twins are being compared during graduation season.

My sister and I always communicated well when uncomfortable situations would appear concerning our academic success. High school graduation is a highly significant time for most people in school. It’s a time to celebrate your individual academic achievements, but being a twin, we’ve noticed that were celebrating both academic achievements. Sometimes I would always wonder what it’s like to just be noticed for my own academic achievements, and not for two people.

In addition, what i’ve learned though the many special days and spotlights that I’ve shared in my lifetime as a twin is that sometimes being a twin gives you a brighter spotlight to shine!

This May, 2013, I will get a chance to share the podium once again with my beautiful twin sister as we graduate from College.

Would you rather shine alone in your spotlight on graduation? Or would you prefer a shared spotlight on this special day?

I love you Kahealani

It’s A Twin Thing


Why do twins choose to dress alike?

Thats simple, we love confusing the hell out of people!

Whenever there’s a costume party or an event that allows you to dress up, my twin sister and I find it fun to dress in outfits looking like twins, even when we already are twins.

When we were younger, our parents dressed us. Most times we had the same outfit, they were just different colors. I feel that most times they did it as a way to remember who was Billie and who was Becca.

When we were teenagers we were going through a phase of trying to be an individual, and straying away from looking alike. What I noticed is that sometimes we had planned out outfits the night before and we still ended up wearing similar outfits the next day without even knowing.

One time, a couple summer’s ago, my twin sister and I were headed to the beach with our best friends at the time, who were also twins. My twin sister Billie and I were heading to the beach separately, and I needed to go to the store to pick up a new bathing suite with my best friend Bre, and we were going to meet our sisters at the beach.

Ironic as it may seem, I picked out the exact same colors, bottom and top that my twin sister Billie had already previously planned. We got to the beach wearing the exact same thing!

In addition, sometimes twins plan to wear the same clothes because its fun, while other times its just sorta happens; it’s a twin thing!

I love you Kahealani

It’s a Forever kind of Love


Have you ever seen boyfriends or girlfriends with their significant others name tattooed on their body? How do you feel about it? I often say to myself, “Wow, that’s ridiculous!” The reason I sometimes feel that way is because once a name is tattooed onto a body it is permanent! Boyfriends, girlfriends, even husbands and wives separate, but the bond of twins and sisterhood is permanent whether it’s tattooed or not.

I sometimes see mothers or fathers getting their children’s names tattooed on them, and to me, that is also a very strong loving bond between parent and child, similar to the bond my twin sister and I share. The behavior of getting a name permanently tattooed on your body is caused by the committed relationship and love that is forever shared.

When we turned 19, we both wanted to get a tattoo, but not knowing exactly what we wanted. In the Hawaiian culture, tattoos aren’t about just throwing on a couple stars or hearts here and there; it’s about meaning, and definition. We both thought very hard about it for a while before we even considered getting tattoos. We both asked ourselves, what is the most important part of my life? What makes me whole? Ironically as it may seem, we both agreed that the most important part of our individual lives were, well, …. each other.

We decided to draw out specific polynesian symbols that describe our relationship.

The waves symbolized our endless tide of love that flows between each other.

The bamboo and koa wood illustrates the firm and strong bond we share.

The Tiare flower in the middle of the tattoo is our older sister Ku’uwehi. She doesn’t know that, but she is the one who holds our family together. She is the glue to our sisterly bond. And although she may not be a twin, our connection and love for her is very strong.

Lastly, we both decided to tattoo each others Hawaiian names on one another. I got the name Kahea which is my twin sisters name, and she got my name, Kapua.

Until this day, yes we fight and argue and dislike each other for a couple hours, but not for one second would I regret having gotten her name on my body; cause this is a FOREVER KIND OF LOVE.

I love you Kahealani