Stuck Like Glue


When my twin sister and I were younger we could never fall asleep without holding each other’s hands.

My mother mentioned one time when we were around two years old my twin sister Billie couldn’t stop crying because of a cold she was fighting. At the time, my older sister was at my father’s house, while my mother took my twin sister and I for the weekend.

My mother mentioned that she tried feeding my sister to make her feel better and cooling her down, but nothing seemed to work. Shortly after, I decided to leave my bed and cuddle up by her and hold her hand; within seconds my twin sister Billie stopped crying and fell right to sleep.

Research shows that there are several benefits to twins who sleep next to each other. “Multiples who are co-bedded seem to sleep better, gain weight better, have fewer episodes of apnea and bradycardia, and keep each other warm.” (Bird, 2012)

From personal experience, I find this research to be very true. Even until this day, I sleep better when I’m in the same room as my twin sister.

Throughout our childhood, my twin sister and I always shared rooms. Most times we had our separate beds, however, it wasn’t unusual to find both of us asleep in one bed the next morning.

Throughout high school we were able to get our separate rooms, but we often decided to have mini sleepovers. It just didn’t feel right or comfortable sleeping in a different room.

Sometimes after high school friends and classmates separate and go on their own journey, however, my twin sister and I decided to go to the same University in Belmont, California where we roomed together.

We are currently seniors attending our final semester of college here in California. Although we may not need to hold each other’s hands like we use to, we still share a room at 21 years old. I guess you can say that were just stuck like glue.

I love you Kahealani