A Lesson From Dad


Have you ever gotten into a huge argument with one of your best friends and then five minutes later you automatically begin to get sad because you don’t want to fight with them?

Well, that’s the bond my twin sister and I share.

I can recall this one experience around the fourth grade that my twin sister and I will never forget. One day, after school, my sister and I were arguing all day and throwing things at each other.

Finally, my father stepped in and pulled us both near each other. He shaped our hands into fists and moved us closer into each others face and said, “you two want to fight, well go ahead!” At the moment, my dad looked very serious and it was probably one of the most awkward feelings I have ever felt.

As soon as we were in each others faces’, my twin and I began shedding all these tears. It was different when we were encouraged to physically hurt each other. It just felt very wrong, and not like us.

We began to feel stupid and embarrassed to even consider physically hurting one another. After that we both hugged each other and apologized.

This was a very good learning experience for my twin sister and I. When we think of that moment today, It always makes us giggle. At the time, I didn’t understand why my dad was encouraging us to fight each other, however, since then, I can honestly say that my twin sister and I have NEVER physically hurt each other.

In addition, my twin sister and I have a very difficult time holding grudges and extended arguments against each other. Through this experience in the fourth grade, my father really taught us both the value in arguments and the importance of forgiving each other.

I love you Kahealani