It’s A Twin Thing


Why do twins choose to dress alike?

Thats simple, we love confusing the hell out of people!

Whenever there’s a costume party or an event that allows you to dress up, my twin sister and I find it fun to dress in outfits looking like twins, even when we already are twins.

When we were younger, our parents dressed us. Most times we had the same outfit, they were just different colors. I feel that most times they did it as a way to remember who was Billie and who was Becca.

When we were teenagers we were going through a phase of trying to be an individual, and straying away from looking alike. What I noticed is that sometimes we had planned out outfits the night before and we still ended up wearing similar outfits the next day without even knowing.

One time, a couple summer’s ago, my twin sister and I were headed to the beach with our best friends at the time, who were also twins. My twin sister Billie and I were heading to the beach separately, and I needed to go to the store to pick up a new bathing suite with my best friend Bre, and we were going to meet our sisters at the beach.

Ironic as it may seem, I picked out the exact same colors, bottom and top that my twin sister Billie had already previously planned. We got to the beach wearing the exact same thing!

In addition, sometimes twins plan to wear the same clothes because its fun, while other times its just sorta happens; it’s a twin thing!

I love you Kahealani