It’s YOUR special day…. just kidding, it’s OURS


Everyone always looks forward to that one special day of the year that they have the chance to call their own; their birthday. Funny thing being a twin, I don’t know how that feels.

Imagine waking up on your birthday and seeing another name on the birthday cake besides yours. Imagine closing your eyes and making your wish, then sharing the part you blow out the candles. Imagine others singing happy birthday to you and to someone else. Imagine two birthday princesses at your party, two tiara’s, two everything; it didn’t always feel so special.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing my birthday with my twin sister has been such a blessing times two. Sometimes I noticed that we both got even more attention on us because being twins was so unique. However, what Ive learned for the 21 birthdays that I’ve shared is that our individual selves never get the full appreciation that I feel it deserves.

For example, every single birthday as far as I can remember someone would always say “happy birthday twins,” even if my sister wasn’t with me. Of course I acknowledge it, however, it does feel nice to hear, “happy birthday Becca,” just once, just my name.

Another example had a lot to do with birthday presents. I can recall several birthdays where my sister would open her gift first and love it, and then I open up mine, and its the same exact thing. In my opinion, I didn’t hate the fact that we got the same exact thing, it’s just that we are two very different people, with different personalities, interests, dislikes etc. Most times if a friend of mine knew I loved the color blue, they would get the same color of something for my twin Billie, not knowing her favorite color is pink. Or one year my twin sister really wanted a nail-polish-kit, I got one too…… I was a tom-boy, my nails were in the mud.

These are just some of the things I think about when I look back at my birthdays. Our individuality was not always acknowledged. You know, being six years old and competing over who blows the most candles out or who got the most birthday cards from friends wasn’t always fun.

What I am trying to say is that, trying to be an individual is tough when your use to sharing every possible spotlight you have. Honestly, sometimes I do get jealous of those who have that spotlight all to themselves. But my birthday is a day to shine, and all though I may not shine alone, the shine may be a lot brighter when I share it my twin sister.

I love you Billie Kahealani