Soccer, and its many comparisons


Most sports allow you to be an individual player and show-off your individual skills in that specific sport. With all the competition and comparison of skills and technique, it was always somewhat weird being a twin and playing soccer.

My twin sister and I started playing soccer when we were four years old and from the beginning of our soccer careers our father was always our coach. Most times coaches are judging players and comparing players to others on the team, but my father knew how to coach his twins.

My father didn’t compare us to each others like most coaches did in the future, but he showed us our individual strengths and weaknesses, separately.

With a competitive sport like soccer, it was always a challenge to stand-out when someone else on the team had an identical face, body features, and even soccer skills.

Although we weren’t able to have our father as our coach all the time, other coaches didn’t quite understand how to coach twins. Just with school and academic achievements, twins are always compared to each other.

Sometimes being compared to a bunch of your friends isn’t that bad, but when your put up against the one person you care about most your individual skills never seems like its good enough.

In high school as well as college, soccer got further serious allowing our individual strengths to be compared to everyone in the high school league and then placed at certain levels.

Most of these soccer achievements were always placed in newspapers, local magazine articles, as long as on the internet. When one twins name got in there as a sport achievement and the other didn’t it caused some issues and bittersweet feelings.

But, what i’ve learned through soccer and being a twin is that competition and comparison is always going to be either an issue or a challenge; how you manage these challenges will determine the future success of your individual self.

I love you Kahealani