Twin Telepathy



People always ask if we as twins are able to sense if somethings wrong with our twin or if something happens to one twin, could the other twin feel it? Others would call this twin telepathy.

While no scientific evidence supports the existence of twin telepathy, many personal anecdotes claim to demonstrate the phenomenon. Dr. Nancy L. Segal, a preeminent twin researcher explains, “There simply isn’t any empirical proof that twins have ESP or that twin telepathy exists. It can’t be substantiated in a scientific environment.” (TwinTelepathy) 

From recent research, twin telepathy has yet to be scientifically proven. However, in my opinion, I feel that those who are twins  and have experienced telepathy abilities believe otherwise.

For example, when my twin sister and I were at one of our summer programs during middle school, we would always have afternoon play which included a variety of different activities.

I can recall this one specific time that we felt like there was some kind of twin telepathy involved.

My twin sister Billie was in her summer group down in the Boys & Girls Club gym, while I was doing arts & craft with my group in one of the upper classrooms.

While Billie was playing volleyball, she was hit with the volleyball directly towards her face, damaging her nose area. Immediately when this happened, my nose began to bleed and drip on the art work that I was painting in my room about 10 minutes away from the gymnasium.

It was very weird, and I’ve never had problems with nose bleeds before, so this was a very unexpected situation. In addition, I knew in my gut that something was wrong with my twin sister Billie.

As I went down to the gym, I saw my twin sister sitting their on the side with an ice pack on her nose and I had a bunch of paper napkins stuffed in my nostrils to keep the blood from dripping.

We both thought that it was just a coincidence, however, Billie didn’t sense anything wrong with me, as I did for her.

In conclusion, I feel that twin telepathy is definitely possible even though it has not been scientifically proven. In addition, there are several other things in this world that has not yet been scientifically proven.

I love you Kahealani


Shopping For 1


Growing up with a twin sister with the same taste and style of clothes was both a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes when we would shop together in the same department store, we would show up at the dressing room with at least two identical clothing materials. Sometimes it was funny, while other times it was a battle.

When both of us really wanted a particular blouse or shirt identical to one another we sometimes fought over who should have the authority to buy it over the other. We fought over who we believed picked out the blouse first, or who’s budget is better to purchase the item of clothing.

While we were children our parents would dress us, so we didn’t really have any control over what we wore. When we got to high school we developed our type of trends in clothing that we enjoyed wearing. However, wearing the same exact outfit for the both of us at the time was a little embarrassing.

We already spent several years wearing the same outfits because of our parents, so we wanted to have the same style but still wear different outfits.

For a while we’ve struggled with who got to buy what blouse or pair of jeans. We just kind of took turns.

Now being in college, we noticed that if we really find a similar item of clothing attracting and we both want it, then we decided that one of us would just buy it and we would share wearing it. I know it sounds weird, but I could buy an outfit that would be enjoyable for both me and my twin sister, and she could do the same.

In addition, we both got what we wanted, no fights or battles, and we didn’t need to spend more money than we would have if we were just buying separate outfits.

We were just shopping for one!

I love you Kahealani