Twin Language? Not Really


Have you ever thought that twins sometimes have their own secretive language?

When my twin sister and I was very young, my mother mentioned that we would always talk to each other in our own baby language. In addition, I notice that babies sometimes communicate in their own language, but what my mother said was different with twins is that they tend to posses a very strong interactive and verbal behavior.

For example, when my twin sister and I would make conversation as babies, my mother said that we tend to look very interactive. We would take turns talking to each other, asking questions, answering them, making jokes and laughing about it.

Unlike most baby language’s, the difference with my twin sister and I was that our little baby talk was in the Hawaiian language.

The Hawaiian language has always been an important part of our lives. My twin sisters first word was actually a Hawaiian word that she said to me. In a way, I feel that it was very interesting that my twin sister and I had our own language.

While we were growing up, sometimes, in uncomfortable environments and in front of strangers, my twin sister and I would choose to use the Hawaiian language. It was very humorous to me while I watched other people who was not at all familiar with the Hawaiian language look very confused.

One time in high school while picking up some gatorade from a local grocery store, my twin sister began speaking in Hawaiian and a woman came up to us and asked us what type of twin language are we speaking? We both looked at each other and felt so awkward.

This is just a lesson to some people who feel that twins always have their own language. Sometimes they are honestly just trying to blend in with everyone else.

I love you Kahealani